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About Us

A shoe is not only a design, but an essential part of a person's body language. Keeping this in mind, Zoom Shoes was founded in 1993. Based in India, the company manufactures pure and genuine leather footwear for men and women. Because of its outstanding product quality, the company has reached great heights of excellence and exaltation.  

Professionally managed by Mr. Ashutosh Soni and Mr. Akshay Soni, Zoom Shoes has been able to establish itself as a major brand, shipping its leather products across various parts of the globe. The raw material, designing and production are in unison for 'Quality and Economies', which are very clearly offered to the client(s). 

In order to match the ceaseless demands of the ever-growing global market, each product is made according to the international standards and specifications. To achieve this, all products are made to undergo constant and vigilant supervision at each stage of production, with the help of highly elaborate quality control systems.

At Zoom Shoes, pure leather shoes are manufactured, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the esteemed clients, who have always chosen the brand over others for being 'the best than the rest'.

The company strongly believes in delivering Quality, Durability, and Appeal - All in a Pair!