Premium Quality Black Formal Shoes for Men - 2970

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Rs. 3,263.00
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100% Genuine Leather

Made in India with love

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Cushioned insole
Memory cushioned insole for utmost comfort
light weight
Extremely lightweight and airy on your feet.
wear with formals and sports
Can be worn with both, formal and casual attires.
socks free
Odour resistant and socks free.
Non-Slip Outsole
Non-Slip Outsole
Robust design
Robust design - Reduces vibrations and impact from collisions.

Here is a classic addition to your shoe collection for men: the Black formal shoes for men - 2970 from Zoom Shoes. These formal-casual lace-up shoes will ensure that you stand out wherever you go with their combination of style and comfort. These Black formal shoes for men are made of fine leather, exhibit superb craftsmanship and longevity. They are a versatile option for any event because to the timeless style in a versatile brown colour, which elegantly compliments a number of ensembles, from formal suits to casual wear. Lace-up fastening offers a safe and customizable fit for the Zoom Shoes Classic Leather Shoes. The cushioned insole provides improved comfort, enabling you to walk confidently all day long. These Black formal shoes for men will improve your outfit and make a statement whether you're going to a business meeting or a social function. The Classic Leather Shoes for Men 2970 will help you walk in sophistication and timelessness. So, experience unrivalled quality and elegance by ordering your pair right away.

  • Sole: PU
  • Upper: Milled Leather
  • Lining: DD Leather
  • Insole: Memory Cushion
  • Colour: Black, Brown

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black formal shoes for men

Premium Quality Black Formal Shoes for Men - 2970

Rs. 3,434.00 Rs. 3,263.00

Premium Quality Black Formal Shoes for Men - 2970

Rs. 3,434.00 Rs. 3,263.00
Size: 5 / UK 5
Color: Black
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Frequently Asked Question

How can I prevent my leather shoes from getting water-damaged?

Apply a water repellent or waterproofing spray to protect your shoes. Also, avoid wearing them in heavy rain or deep puddles, and promptly dry them if they do get wet.

My leather shoes are too tight. Can they be stretched?

Yes, leather shoes can often be stretched slightly by a professional cobbler. Alternatively, you can use a shoe stretcher at home, but be cautious not to overstretch and damage the leather.

Are there any specific storage tips for leather shoes?

Store leather shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use shoe trees to maintain their shape, and avoid plastic bags, as leather needs to breathe.

How can I get rid of unpleasant odors in my leather shoes?

Allow your shoes to air out after wearing them. Use cedar shoe trees to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. You can also sprinkle baking soda or use odor-absorbing insoles.

Can your leather shoes be resoled?

Yes, our high-quality leather shoes can often be resoled by a skilled cobbler. Resoling extends the life of the shoes and is a cost-effective way to keep them in good condition.

What is the best way to polish your leather shoes?

Clean the shoes first, and then apply a small amount of high-quality shoe polish using a soft cloth or brush. Buff the shoes in a circular motion for a polished finish.

How do I deal with scratches on my leather shoes?

Minor scratches can often be buffed out with a soft cloth or by applying a small amount of leather conditioner. Deeper scratches may require professional attention.

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