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Shoe Care

Proper care and maintenance is essential for the longevity and durability of shoes, especially leather footwear. Please follow the below guidelines in order to make the best out of your leather shoes:

  • Regular treatment of leather uppers with a good quality wax polish helps in protecting the leather and giving it a fine-and-shine finish. Please ensure that your shoes are dry before the application of wax polish.
  • Suede and Nubuck leather uppers can be taken care of with the help of a 'Suede Protector' spray. Suede can often be revived and treated with steam from a kettle and then cleaning with a rubber suede brush.
  • Leather soles have a tendency to expand when wet. Try to avoid any kind of wet conditions in the initial few weeks of wearing your new shoes.
  • If your leather shoes get wet (from rain, natural perspiration, etc), let them dry out completely for a day or two. Try to allow a day between wears and alternate with another pair of shoes.
  • To prevent damage to the heels and counter, use a shoe horn.